For most of us, a “Brand” is something we buy. We typically associate the subject of “Branding” with corporate brands like Nike, Coke, Toyota, and Starbucks. When we think about a “Personal Brand”, we may think of celebrities like Tiger Woods or Steve Jobs. The fact is we all have our own “Personal Brand”. Each of us has our own unique brand personality, brand image, brand message and brand promise. We often times do not think about ourselves in that manner.

Your personal brand identity represents your life. Your life is represented through your personal brand identity.

This presentation will demonstrate that people do have their own “brand,” but it’s more than image visibility. A brand is also about shared values, creating connections and offering the world something useful. And like companies, professionals should capitalize on their strengths and leverage them to find their passion. Determining both an identity and a passion serves as the foundation for “Finding Your North Star”—a strong sense of purpose that will help guide the big decisions that impact our lives both professionally and personally.

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Hosted by: Jung Park, MetroBoom | McNichols Building

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